Our recording and mix equipment / collection of instruments are too vast to list in full, but include many high-end, vintage, rare and sought after pieces. Here's an overview of some main features.
Calrec 'S' Series, 36 channel w/ dynamics, eq & mic pres
Extensive Moses & Mitchell patching system
Calrec / DAV mic pres
Calrec / FMR dynamics
KRK VXT6 pair
Yamaha NS-10M Studio pair w/ Quad 303
Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic & Grado headhones
Pro Tools 10
"Hackintosh" MacPro (Dec 2013), i7, 3.89GHz, 32GB RAM
Instruments / Amplification:
Large collection of Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker (and more) guitars / basses
Rhodes Mark II 'Eighty Eight'
Schreiber acoustic piano
Amps including Fender, Mesa-Boogie, Marshall, Nolan, Ampeg, WEM, Polytone
Extensive collection including Neumann, Coles, AKG, Shure, Electrovoice, Reslo, SE Electronics, Audix, Sennheiser